Mind of matter…

I was having a hard time this past week with trying to convince myself to run. My mind kept telling me that it has not been a year since I had surgery on my left knee. April 5, it will be one year since my knee was fixed. I was able to push the negative thoughts aside on Friday and run my first 11 minute mile in over 18 months. I pushed those same demons aside and finished 3.79 miles in 49 minutes yesterday. My goal yesterday was to run a 5k (3.1 miles) in 56 minutes or less. I did that and more, it felt great to tell my inner demons to suck it and shut up!!

Lucian’s Angel ~1st Angels of Purgatory book~ is now with the editor. Now to let her do her thing while I work on The Sleeping Huntress.

I leave for New Orleans for RT Booklovers Convention May 13, that is only 43 days away!!!! I am so excited!!! Not only will I be in a city I have always wanted to visit, but I will be someplace warm!!

I register for classes to get my Paralegal Associates Degree at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton on April 11, that is only 11 days away!! Only 63 days until I start my classes.

I have set a goal of 124 books to read this year. I have read 13 so far towards that book. Currently I am reading, Erotic Mythology by James Fuller and (as soon as it arrives tomorrow) The King, Black Dagger Brotherhood, by JR Ward.

Wait did I really sign up for 5 races with year? Let me look again…
1st race: Shamrock 5k shuffle results for March 15. It was a good walking race. I took 1336 place for my age division, 1354 place overall. I averaged 18:09 minute mile walking and talking with the boss. My time for the whole 3.1 mile race was 56:21.68 minutes.
2nd Race: Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon on May 18. Only 48 days away!!!!
3rd Race: Bellin 10k Green Bay on June 14. Only 75 days away!!!
4th Race: Warrior Dash on August 2. Only 155 days away!!
5th Race: Fox Cities Full Marathon on September 21. Only 174 days away!
WOW!! I really did sign up to do 5 races this year. Well that will keep me from sitting too long on my butt and will hopefully keep me in better health. The beginner Spartan training program is still kicking me in the butt, but I am ok with that, because if you don’t push yourself then you don’t know just how far you can go.

The muse is screaming in my ear again, it is so awesome when she does that, but it also means I am jumping from story to story. I have come up with a schedule to write on each story a different day of the week so as long as the… oh so pretty sun does not distract me too much, I should hopefully be getting one of these books to an editor soon. I want to publish at least one book a year.
List of books I am currently working on.
Lucian’s Angel ~ first in the Angels of Purgatory Series ~ *should be going to the editor soon*
Freedom Weekend — (this might turn into a collection of short erotic stories)
Leviathan’s Angel ~ second in the Angels of Purgatory Series ~
Isis & Cathal ~ first in the Gods and Goddess Reborn Series ~
The Sleeping Huntress
Crazy Dreams ~ Short stories of visions, dreams and nightmares ~ (this book starts up where Jaded Nightmares left off)

Yes, I know this is a lot on my plate, as well as being a mother of 2 very active teenagers. I like to keep moving, in a weird way it keeps me focused. I never said I was sane. LOL
Other places you can follow my crazy writer life…
Website: http://authorsarahlazowski.wix.com/authorsarahlazowski
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahLazowski
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Sarah-Lazowski/307659825963840?ref=hl
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sarah-lazowski/37/ab5/20a/

Update on my virtual walking – swimming – running – biking
*Please remember that my walking – swimming – running – biking is – VIRTUAL – walk – swim – run – bike. This is a visual tool to keep me motivated while working out.*

The pictures below is a screen shots of my virtual walk. One is how far I have walked so far and the other one is the overall picture. I have been keeping track for 37 weeks now. Last week I walked 34.77 miles and I ran 6.99 miles for a total of 41.76 miles. My total walking/running for the virtual walk is 1,641.71 miles so far. That means I still have 2,112.17 miles to go until I get to my virtual Stonehenge.

This is the overall progress.

This is the overall progress.

This is how far I have  gone so far.

This is how far I have gone so far.


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