Where has the time gone??

I cannot believe that it has been almost two months since I have posted anything on my blog. It seems like it was only at the most two weeks ago. It’s time to climb back into my desk and make sure that I get all of my work done and stop forgetting things like my blog and my website.

So what has been happening in the past two months besides all the holiday stuff??

I have been working on The Sleeping Huntress as well as the complete rewrite of Lucian’s Angel since somehow deleted every single copy of it that I had. Thanks to some wonderful friends I was able to recover two different versions of it. Now to make marry the two versions together to make it flow nicely.

I have 3 goals that I have set for myself for January 1 to March 31. 1) Write no less then 500 words a day. 2) Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. 3) Mediate. I have added write and post a new blog post every Monday.

I have also been trying to teach my 15 year old daughter how to drive. She turns 16 next month and she cannot wait to start driving on her own.

I have also started training again for the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon which is May 18. That is the first of four races that I will be doing this year. I will be doing the Warrior Dash August 2 in Johnson Creek. As well as the Fox Cities Full Marathon September 21. I am still looking for one more race a 10k so that I will have ran a 5k, 10k, half and full marathon in one year. That is my goal for this year.

Update on my virtual walking/swimming/running/biking
*Please remember that my walking/swimming/running/biking is – VIRTUAL – walk/swim/run/bike. This is a visual tool to keep me motivated while working out.*

I can not believe that I have been keeping track for 26 weeks now!!

The pictures below is a screen shots of my virtual walk.One is how far I have walked so far and the other one is the overall picture. Last week I walked 37.58 miles and I ran 15.62 for a total of 53.20 miles. My total walking/running for the virtual walk is 1,167.29 miles so far. That means I still have 2,667.50 miles to go until I get to Stonehenge.

The Blue Star is where my virtual walk ends.

The Blue Star is where my virtual walk ends.

This is how far I have walked so far.

This is how far I have walked so far.

Daily word count: The muse is screaming in my ear again, it is awesome when she does that, but it also means I am jumping from story to story.

Lucian’s Angel ~first in the Angels of Purgatory Series~ – (just starting rewrites)

Freedom Weekend — 5,632 (this might turn into a collection of short erotic stories)

Leviathan’s Angel ~second in the Angels of Purgatory Series- –8,052

Isis & Cathal ~first in the Gods and Goddess reborn series~ –15,364

The Sleeping Huntress -60,491

Crazy Dreams ~Short stories of visions, dreams and nightmares~ –8,397 (this book starts up where Jaded Nightmares left off)

Illusions– 500

Mountains – 415

I have set a goal of 214 books to read this year. Right now I am reading Death of a Black Rose by Tish Thawer.

Yes, I know this is a lot on my plate, as well as being a mother of 2 very active teenagers. I like to keep moving, in a weird way it keeps me focused. I never said I was sane. LOL

Other places you can follow my crazy writer life…

Website: http://authorsarahlazowski.wix.com/authorsarahlazowski

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahLazowski

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Sarah-Lazowski/307659825963840?ref=hl


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