Last week I slowed down…

I barely walked, ran or wrote last week. Between my daughter’s swim meet that did not go too well, her homecoming week and last minute change of mind on her dress, my computer crashing on me and then me getting sick I pretty much just did what I had to to get through each day.

*Please remember that my walking/swimming/running/biking is – VIRTUAL – walk/swim/run/bike. This is a visual tool to keep me motivated while working out.*

I can not believe that I have been keeping track for 10 weeks now!!

The picture below is a screen shot of my virtual walk. Last week I walked 30.17 miles and I ran 4.18 miles. My total walking/running for the virtual walk is 493.27 miles so far. That means I still have 3,346.53 miles to go until I get to Stonehenge.

If I keep doing about 45 combined miles a week, I should make finish my virtual walk by March of 2015.

My reward for getting there in 2 years is a poster of Stonehenge to go in front of my desk at home.

If I make it there in under 2 years, then my reward is a poster as well as a model like the one below the screen shot of the virtual walk. For this week’s blog I did a screenshot that shows how far I have walked/ran, but I also zoomed out so that I can see how far I have left to go, the blue star is my virtual destination of Stonehenge.



Please go and check out this wonderful blog, I hear there is a book giveaway going on.  You could win a signed copy of Jaded Nightmares.


Daily word count: The muse is screaming in my ear again, it is awesome when she does that, but it also means I am jumping from story to story.

Lucian’s Angel ~first in the Angels of Purgatory Series~ –42,799 (Editor has this)

Freedom Weekend — 5,557 (this might turn into a collection of short erotic stories)

Leviathan’s Angel ~second in the Angels of Purgatory Series– –7,927

Isis& Cathal ~first in the Gods and Goddess reborn series~ –15,239

Crazy Dreams ~Short stories of visions, dreams and nightmares~ –8,245 (this book starts up where Jaded Nightmares left off)

WIP – 500


Other places you can follow my crazy writer life…






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