So much to do…

*Please remember that my walking/swimming/running/biking is – VIRTUAL – walk/swim/run/bike. This is a visual tool to keep me motivated while working out.*

The picture below is a screen shot of my virtual walk. I have walked 74.04 miles so far. That means I still have 3,765.73 miles to go until I get to Stonehenge. My first week doing this crazy motivational challenge I walked 34 miles, last week I walked a total of 40.04, the visual really does help get me up and walking around more.


I am leaving for Las Vegas at midnight Friday morning. There is still so much to do, or at least that is what my mind keeps telling me by keeping me up all night long. The muse has been demanding my attention lately, which is a great thing, but it also has me sitting at my desk writing instead of finishing my last minute shopping, doing the laundry and so on. BUT I am not complaining at ALL about the muse speaking to me, just saying why I am not sleeping like I should be.

I have finished reading and reviewing the five books I wanted to read for the Summer Reads 2013, I found some great new authors while reading the books.

1. The Bellum Sisters series (Erotica): Chains of Frost, by T.A. Grey

2. Mystic Wolves series (Adult PNR): The Mystic Wolves, by Belinda Boring

3. Transcend Time series (YA/Contemporary Romance): Remembrance, by Michelle Madow

4. Lian & Fig series (Horror UF): Voodoo Dues, by Stephany Simmons

5. Charlie Davidson series (Adult PNR): First Grave on the Right, by Darynda Jones

If you are interesting you can check out my reviews on these 5 books on my Goodreads account.



Daily word count:

Lucian’s Angel ~first in the Angel’s of Purgatory Series~ –47,428 (Editor has this)

Freedom Weekend — 5,261

Leviathan’s Angel ~second in the Angel’s of Purgatory Series –7,669

Cathal & Isis ~first in the Gods and Goddess reborn series~ –14,925

Crazy Dreams ~Short stories of visions, dreams and nightmares~ –8,106


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