Inside my crazy mind

The new tentative release day for Lucian’s Angel is September 13, 2013.  I will have 25 copies of Jaded Nightmares for sale at RNC13, they will be for sale for $6 and I will sign it for you, all you have to do is ask. I should also have black and white versions of Jaded Nightmares and Lucian’s Angel bookmarks at the table with me. Still working on some other stuff to have at my table.

I am planning to blog once a day on my trip since I am driving, this will help keep everyone informed on where I am and what I am doing on my vacation. My vacation starts at 1pm Wednesday, July 31 and ends at 8am Tuesday, August 13 when I go back to work.

My blog will also have my daily walking total from the day before and my virtual progress to Stonehenge. From Oshkosh, WI to Stonehenge it is 3, 839.77 miles. Yes we all know I am weird, but I need to see progress and doing a virtual walk like this will help me see that progress; it also gives me incentive to walk and run more. As of yesterday I have walked 41.5 miles in 9 days, which has me approaching Manitoc, WI. I used to run 50 miles a week and walk 15 miles a week. Since I had surgery on my right knee July 20, 2010 and my left knee April 5, 2013, my walking and running has taken a huge hit.

I think if I blog daily, I will also stop forgetting what it was that I was going to blog about in the first place. LOL





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