For the past 10 days I have seen all the work that I need to get done and I allowed other things to distract me when there were tons of things still on my to-do list. Normally when I am under a deadline I push to finish early, I love that kind of pressure. Yes we all know I am extremely weird. I knew I was procrastinating and allowing all these distractions, I just could not force myself to shut everything out and sit in front of the computer. I let the fact I could post this blog from my phone slip my mind when my laptop refused to turn on and post-pone it until I now. I have always been told things happen for a reason, and maybe there was one for me stepping away from my desk and internet (unless it came to helping my daughter with her summer school English paper) and just read and work out and do things that had absolutely nothing to do with my book for 10 days.

Now it’s time to get back down to business. There is a synopsis to write, books to order, emails to respond back to, interview questions to answer, reviews to write and I know I am forgetting things. *chuckles* It’s time to dig my planner out of my bag, gib slap myself for procrastinating this long and get back on track.

18 days until the cover reveal, 39 days until Lucian’s Angel ~ Angels of Purgatory series is released, 42 days until I leave for Texas and 47 days until the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas. There is no time for procrastinating, it is time to be motivated and work my ass off!!


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