“Crazyville” My musing on scheduling my life…

Some days I am told I take on more then I can chew. To them I always say I am a great multitasker and that is how I can write a book, edit another book and think up ideas for a new book or books, plus of course all the other things I do, like be a mom to two teenage kids and that goes along with that.

I have noticed though lately, that I am starting to not be able to do everything like I used to say 5 years ago. Then I could knock out 2,000 words a day, edit 5 pages, jot down notes for what I wanted to write about later, plus take care of 2 kids in sports, do all the other home stuff, work part-time and train for a half marathon. That was my everyday routine…

Then I get hurt in June 2010 and have to have surgery on my right knee July 2010. Then in late August 2012 I got hurt again and had surgery April of this year on my left knee. Now actually seeing all that written down, it’s no wonder that I was always tired and had to make frequent trips to the doctor for terrible migraines. I also know that I can’t jump right back into my old ways and expect the same results. That is one of the lessons in life that I have to accept and learn to work with what I can do, not what I used to do.

When I was younger I was told –You always learn the hard way and that if you keep going and going like you are, you will never learn to move forward without falling down and going backwards.– A part of me agrees with this, but I have always learned my best lessons the hard way. Yeah I know that sounds really weird, but I was told by a trainer and several other people in high school –If you do not push yourself past your limits, then how will you know how far you can go, how will you set a goal to improve whatever it is that you are doing?–

Both make great points, I am now trying to find a balance again between; home, kids, working part-time, writing and running again. My calendars *yes calendars* are my best friend and they help keep me on task *just as long as I remember to write down my goals for that day* they always remind me of what I did in the past to help me set a goal for the future. 

It is hard juggling it all some days, but I remember ~you had to learn to crawl before you you could learn to walk, and you had to learn to walk before you could run. So if there is a setback or even dare I say a failure, you can learn from it to help you move on and not dwell on what you did wrong, but how to learn from it and be a better at what you were doing. 

Now back to scheduling my goals for the week and doing my best to meet them.


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