Deep breathing

This learning to me an Indie Author has been a roller coaster of a ride for the past 2 years. I always seem to do things in backwards, which that is ok, at least I am learning.

Today I sent my next book Lucian’s Angel off to my very first Beta Reader and I applied for Jaded Nightmares to be reviewed by a blog tour.

*deep breath in, deep breath out*

It seems harder for me to send out requests for people to read my work either unfinished or published. It is not that I am worried about what they will say, whether negative or positive…It’s the waiting to see what they say…

I think I am more worried with the unfinished work they will recommend changes that will totally change the feel of the book.

With the book reviewer I am worried once they get the book they will not want to read it because it is not their “cup of tea”.

Yes, I have been told, I worry way too much!!!

I know that I can not please everyone, and I know that not everyone reads the same books. I think it’s just hard to put your work out there and then you have to wait and hear…was it good…was it bad…or will they even read it…

I like feedback. It helps me learn what I have done good or bad so that I know for next time…Not knowing for me is the hardest part…Almost as hard as waiting…


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