Where has the time gone?

WOW! Where has the time gone?! I just looked at the calendar and realized that Jaded Nightmares was released a little over a month ago.

I have been so busy working with a new artist for the cover of Lucian’s Angel (The first book in The Angels of Purgatory series). I have sent off Lucian’s Angel to my wonderful editor. Moved into my new apartment. Had surgery on my left knee. Oh and started work on the next book in the Angels of Purgatory series as well as a new book with a tentative title of Dream for Camp Nanowrimo that is demanding to be written.

I look at the calendar and can not believe how much and how little has been accomplished this month already. I keep telling myself I should be farther along in my book in order to complete it for Camp Nanowrimo, but then again, I look at the list of things that I have done these first nine days of the month and tell myself to slow down a little to not push too hard or I might burn out or *knocks on wood* make my knee worse.

Then I see runners outside my window, whether at work, home or in my car, and all I want to do is get outside and run with them. I know that is not an option *yet*. I promised everyone I would wait for the all clear from the doctor to even step foot in the gym again.

It’s so hard to constantly be on the go and then have to lay in bed and “relax”. I was hoping to use the “relax” time to write, to stay ahead on my word count. I forgot the doctor gives you wonderful little pills that knock you flat out and makes the pain go away. So now I am once again trying to play catch up with the word count, hoping to be able to hit that 50,000 word count by April 30, all while trying to not over do anything.

I have a feeling this month, my blog posts are all going to be a rambling jumble of thoughts. Please bare with me and my wonderful ADHD brain as we try and learn to manage our time again.


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