Short rambling

Yesterday was moving day as well as the start of Camp Nanowrimo.

The words were flowing in the back of my mind as I directed what boxes needed to go where and constantly saying “get up kids and move there is still a ton left to do”. All I really wanted to do was sit down with a notebook and write down what was demanding to be written.

When everything was finally moved and looked somewhat organized at the new apartment, my new desk was set up where I thought it would create more of a writing vibe. I stared at that new desk for over ten minutes waiting for the words to start flowing again, but the only thing flowing was my body right into bed. My mind and body said enough already sleep the words will come tomorrow.

Today is my back to normal work day. So of course I can’t find the coffee or the coffee pot. I can’t find half the stuff I needed to get my butt out the door and to work on time. So when I sat down and type 3,742 words without any coffee, I was totally and completely in shock, but very happy the words were flowing again. I need to write them while I can, I have knee surgery on Friday and I know the words will not make it past the pain medication.


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