Lesson learned and great advice received…

Several great friends gave me some wonderful advice as I was about to publish my first book…
“There will be negative reviews. You need to read them, see if there is anything in the review that might hold a grain of salt for you to learn from, then use that for your next book and finally let go of the pain from the bad review or reviews and move on.”
“Everyone has their own opinion.”
“Not one person feels the same way when they read something.”
“Not one person reads the same book the same way.”
I don’t think you can ever truly prepare for any negative comments made about your book. I listened to what my friends said. I kept telling myself over and over again that I would be ok with whatever came my way…
I never thought the first negative comment sent to me personally would literally make my eyes bug open wide, my heart stop dead in my chest and my head start to spin. Just a few little words almost had me begging for mercy.
Then my mind woke up my fingers moved across the keyboard and I reached out to my friends to help me through that painful moment.
I desperately wanted to respond to the personal message, but I did not want to come across in the wrong way. (You know what I’m talking about, responding to someone when you are filled with a million questions and emotions and the words you say can me too filled with emotions that can come back and bite you hard in the ass.)
They helped calm my fears and were able to take some of the pain away. They also repeated their advice to me.
“Not everyone reads the same books.”
“There are millions of different books in the world because not everyone reads the book like everyone else does.”
I put so much emotion, energy and even part of myself into everything I write. Hearing someone speak badly or even write badly of my work, cuts like a dull knife across my soul. I always said the negative things would not affect me. I was wrong. I learned my lesson.
The only person that can truly hold you back is yourself. I am very grateful that I reached out to my friends and they helped me through that first painful negative remark. Without them I would still be on the floor staring at those negative words and trying to figure out how to fix what they said. I know you can’t fix what they said about you, but part of me really wanted to
Like I said, lesson learned. It is time to pick myself back up off the floor, and dust myself off. Then sit back down in front of the computer and write again. Knowing in the back of my mind, there can and will be more negative things to come in the future, but also knowing, that I survived the first one and I have great friends who will help me through the next one.


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