My adhd rambling post…

Jaded Nightmares release date is almost here so here is my rambling post of thoughts on this past year.

This book felt like a lifetime has gone by since the first person told me just how terrible the first edition of Jaded Nightmares really was…

It took some wonderful friends to keep me going and introducing me to more wonderful people to get this book done. Even when the book was rewritten and edited and ready to be published my great friends stood by me and helped direct me to people who could help me and even gave me tips on who I can go to next for the next books. 

I learned a lot this past year!

I have great friends for one, and I learned a new appreciation for all Independent Authors. After all the headaches and tears and antacids, I am seriously debating looking for a publisher and agent instead of staying Independent. I never knew there was soo much behind the scenes things that an author had to do to get the word out for their book. When I started writing this book I thought ok, you write it, you edit it and then find a great editor to edit it, get a great cover and then publish it, done. I know I know, you are supposed to do research before you start a project. Like I said I learned a lot this past year.

Yes, I also know that getting an agent and a publisher will not necessarily make things easier for me when I go to publish the next book, I like schedules and deadlines and someone telling me I am on the right path. 

I have a lot of thinking and research to do while my next novel is sitting on the editors desk. 


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