Teaser for Jaded Nightmares due out March 5

Below you will find the introduction to Jaded Nightmares. This is the first of three full teasers I will post on my blog for everyone to see. Next week I will be posting the first chapter and the week after that I will post chapter two.



Sarabella sat there staring at the papers in front of her, debating where to begin. Should she start at the beginning, since that is where all good books and stories start?

This is not any story though; these are the dreams, visions, and nightmares that have haunted her since birth. While doing transcendental meditation, she was encouraged to record every dream, vision and nightmare.

One such nightmare sent her off on a journey she never could have imagined would send her a path so twisted and unreal that she feared her own sanity.


On Sarabella’s sixteenth birthday, under a beautiful full moon, she was finally able to practice meditation for the first time by herself without a guide or a parent standing over her shoulder. This is what she saw and what has been troubling her mind since.

She was told when meditating alone to stay on her path and never leave it for fear that she might die. Although she had her doubts, she intended to follow this advice because it is what she was told to do and she was always the good girl. Walking down a path, she heard her name being called out. She turned to the right and saw a huge white wolf run into the woods. She stood there for what seemed like forever debating if she was going to follow that wolf calling her name or turn and walk the path she always walked when meditating with a guide. She stooped and placed several rocks down along the trail to mark where she was, then turned and followed it, not knowing that she was about to see the worst thing in her entire young life.

As she followed him deeper and deeper into the woods, she spotted a very pregnant woman walking along a trail. Sarabella watched as the wolf caught up to her and transformed into a man and she heard him inform the woman that she was needed at home. She heard the woman respond to the wolf-man that she needed some wild lavender for the baby and to stop worrying since the baby was not due for a month and a half yet.

As the woman placed her left hand on the tree and knelt down to grab some lavender, a hand came from behind the tree, covering her mouth, pulling her against the tree and tying her hands behind the trunk. The person put a belt between her teeth to silence her and also placed a pillow case over her head.

As the wolf-man tried to stop it, he was pulled away, and weird silver bracelets were placed on his wrists and a belt was put between his teeth so he could not call for help.

There were three people attacking the pregnant woman and wolf-man: two men and one woman.

Sarabella sensed that one of the men out of her line of sight was a very powerful, hate filled man. She tried to move to get a better picture of him, but she felt frozen where she sat concealed behind the trees.

The man holding onto the wolf-man was fat and not that tall, maybe about five feet seven inches with jet black hair. The woman was a red head, a bit on the chubby side, about five feet five inches tall. Both of the people she could clearly make out felt and acted like they had a mean demeanor and were filled with hatred.

The red head put a bag down next to the pregnant woman, pulled out a knife and cut the woman’s abdomen open, pulling the baby from her. She was pissed that the child was a girl, as she had been told by the hate filled man standing in the shadows that it was a boy.

“This Native American woman,” he said, “Was carrying her husband’s son.”

Placing the baby on the ground, she pulled out a gun, put a potato on the end of it and shot the woman twice in the chest. The fat man pulled the wolf-man over to the dead woman and shot him in the head. They took the silver bracelets and the belt off him and put the gun in his right hand.

The red headed woman opened the bag and pulled out another baby. There were two babies? She tossed the second baby to the ground between the already dead bodies and picked up the baby she pulled from the Native American looking woman, after stabbing the baby she had tossed, she got up and walked away with the two men.


Sarabella saw that horrid sight in her nightmares for three months straight. She has always wondered who they were and if the woman, baby, and wolf-man had ever got justice.


She has seen little bits of hell and she has seen little bits of heaven. Never staying in one place very long, only long enough to see what she was supposed to see, and sometimes she only got a flash of a picture and that was all. Sarabella has never told anyone of these nightmares, visions or dreams. She was always too afraid she would be sent to a nut house.

Recently she has been feeling a push to write these down. She does not know why and she does not know what, if anything, will come of it.

What she does know is that she has always listened to her intuition. So when it tells her to write, she writes. If it tells her to run, you bet your sweet ass she will run as fast as she can. Sarabella knows that parts of what she will tell you will be hard to understand and may seem far-fetched. All she can say is next time you wake up and fully remember your dream, write it down and see how you feel about critiquing someone else’s dreams.


Here are the dreams, the visions and the nightmares that have haunted her since her birth. She does not know if these people are real. All that she does know is that she is being haunted by these stories and they need to be told.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in them, or maybe it is just someone trying to get her attention to have her listen to their story and see their name in print. Either way, this is what she has lived with and heard her entire life.


Sarabella gathers her things and goes to the Shaman’s house to get ready her for this ‘adventure in time,’ as he calls it, not knowing what she might see or feel. She knows that this is the only way to figure things out so that she can hopefully move on with her life. Her hope was to find a way to stop what she feared was on the horizon and to put a stop the dreams as well. Only time will tell and yes, that is a pun, she knows.

Shaking her head and chuckling to herself, she pulls into the long driveway and makes her way to her uncertain future or past — whichever it is she will see today. He said she had to travel in time in order to figure out what was going on in her life. This was something she does not believe in, traveling back and forth in time, but she would give it a shot. She will do anything to try and figure out why she is constantly having flashes of different lives, feelings of déjà vu, and having the most vivid dreams and nightmares she has ever had.

Taking a deep breath, she exits her car and walks up to the Shaman, whom has become a great friend and confidant as of late. She smiles warmly into his deep brown eyes and follow him into the meditation hut. They exchange pleasantries then both walk over to their seats and sit down. He does his thing he always does — chanting, lighting incense and circling the fire — then he looks at her and smiles. He nods his head for her to begin what they have talked about and practiced the last few months.

Sitting quietly, trying to calm her mind, she begins to visualize the old oak tree she uses as her focal point. Walking over, she sits down quietly beneath the tree, calming herself even further. Sarabella closes her eyes while opening up herself to use her other senses to ‘see’ what is around her. She can sense someone or something is close to her. She opens her eyes but cannot see anyone. She closes her eyes again and something brushes her left arm ever so softly. She pops open her eyes and jumps up to her feet at the same time. Again, nothing is there… just the autumn leaves falling to the earth. She must be feeling a little nervous or anxious to begin this journey, she shakes her head as she settles back to the ground, and slowly she closes her eyes again and settles back into mediation.

As she fully relaxes, she opens her inner eye wide open and sees a man sitting in front of her. He has very long thick black hair that reaches past the middle of his back and deep chocolate colored eyes that warm the harsh lines on his face. He smiles at her and tells her it is time to start sorting through her mind, to figure out what is to be and what has been. Some of the things she will see are of her life; while some of the other things she will see are of others in her other lives, and others still will be of lives connected to her.

Sarabella was extremely confused by all the information the man has given her, but will she try to stay calm and do as instructed.

Slowly, after closing her eyes and centering again, she begins shifting through what she sees in front of her. As she shifts through the sands of time, she looks for the time and place that pulls her where she needs to be. She stumbles upon a thought of jaded glass and a nightmare. Stopping, she watches as the thoughts unfold to reveal the story like a movie in her mind.


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