Getting back to blogging.

Since I switched over to this blog site months ago, I have completely forgotten to post my weekly blog.

With the complete redo of Jaded Nightmares almost done, as well as the first book in a three book series almost done, I figured it was time to sit my butt down and post something.

Almost a year ago when I published my first book, I went into this blind and very naive. I never knew there was so much more work that needed to be done besides writing and editing the book. This year of learning has had it’s ups and downs, meeting people who want to help me and then there were people who say they want to only to steer me in the wrong direction and cause many headaches for me and at some times even causing fits of rage at not only the person who is steering me wrong but at myself for being so naive. 

My last week has been spent more on looking up information on marketing my books, then writing or editing them. I know that with me choosing to an independent author that I have to be the one to sell my book. I am not a good sales person at all, and the thought of trying to sell my book scares me to no end, but I also know now that if I don’t sell my book or promote my book then no one will know about it to read it. So the much needed research is taking place instead of the editing and writing. 

Alright, my babbling blog is done and it’s time to get back to research, editing and writing. I plan to have a new blog post every Thursday afternoon to get me back into the swing of doing this. 


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