Time to write or procrastinate again?

I have been working slowly, very slowly, at sitting down in front of the computer and writing again. My muse is forever taking vacations and I just do not schedule in the time to write. I know that I need to in order to get the next novel done. I think what is causing me to drag is that I am not under a deadline like I was when I did Nanowrimo last year. I worked so hard and so fast to get the novel written in the thirty days and then sped through the editing process to make it to the “free” publish deadline that I thought I was under. I now know that was a huge mistake and I learned several valuable lessons from that first novel.

Now that school is back in session I need to set up writing times again and stick to it. Plus blog daily about how my writing is going. Hopefully this will keep me on track again to write more.



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